Change is beautiful

The winter/spring transition here in the North East can be a psychological challenge.  You can have days of 70 degrees and sunshine in February and blizzards with sub-freezing temps leading into April.  It is during these times when some of us ask why would we choose to live in a place with such crazy weather changes.... well, its because of the changes that is why.  Change is one thing that we are assured of in life and with the changing of the seasons brings us an immense amount of gratitude.  Just when you think you can't deal with winter any more... BAM ! Sunny warm days bring us the smell of the earth and small flowers such as Snow drops, Crocuses, and Daffodils, along with small buds on the Maple trees and Lilacs.  And then.... Everything goes from a dreary brown to endless types of greens all around.  It is truly quite spectacular if you are paying attention.  It was this time last year when I was feeling a bit "cabin feverish" when I decided to start the drumming class in Katonah.  The Katonah Project I call it, even though it is more of an on going experiment because every week it is totally different from any class before it.  Different people, different energies, different rhythms, some times 5 people show up and sometimes 20 people show up.  The drum class is a classic example of how things change, there is no constant and that is what I love about it !