Drumming and Sobriety

Drumming in community can be another tool in the tool box of helping people to stay sober.  Whatever it is that you may be addicted to.... drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, feeling bad etc... it is important to those of us who choose to be and to stay sober that one of the major choices we make is to surround ourselves with other sober people.  This can be done successfully through participating in a community drum circle that is "taught and guided" properly.  For some people the drum circle can be a trigger from a previous experience that could put them in a place of re stimulating "intoxicating" or "high" feelings, believe me I know these "triggers" I grew up in the Grateful Dead parking lot scene of party and drum circles that tried to imitate the drum duo segments of the Grateful Dead concert experience.  Now that I am over five years sober and am constantly doing the deep work of discovery on a daily basis to keep my sobriety in tact, I am now realizing and acting upon the fact that drumming in community is an ultimate sober, present time, joyful experience.  It is my "thought" that when done correctly, community drum class or the "drum circle" can be beneficial in so many ways by incorporating the following aspects with the group: Meditation-Breathing-Listening-Action-Present time-MUSIC-Story telling-CommUNITY and a sense of Joy. What I mean by CommUNITY is "creating unity through communication with the drum.  Community means fellowship, affinity with others, and working together as a group.  These things give people feelings of support that which in every support program it is suggested that part of your tool box of sobriety is to join a fellowship or supportive community.  Remember the definition of Djembe' is: EVERYONE GATHERS TOGETHER IN PEACE .