Divine Laughter

Drum time is a funny thing.  Most drummers have a tendency to be late to gigs... and class.  They also seem to not know when to stop drumming.  What I have found is when you are drumming, you are being totally present, and in a form of hypnotic meditation that the awareness of time dissolves.  When you are drumming in community you aren't thinking.  You aren't thinking about your bills, work, the new Yankees manager..... or anything outside of the drum circle.  Actually, you aren't thinking about anything.... you are feeling.  You are feeling the overall sounds of the drums and how your body and mind are reacting to this feeling.  It is why as a drum circle facilitator, I use a "break" (a small rhythmic phrase) to start the drumming and a "break" to end the drumming, otherwise we would end up drumming and drumming and drumming, lost in our present presence.  This weeks drum class started late... and in classic Matthew fashion I had a lot I wanted to share with the class.  I have a tendency to come back to making the point of how Grateful I am for everything.  Grateful to be alive, grateful to have gone through my life's experience up to this point, grateful for the participants in class who have chosen to spend their Thursday night drumming with me.  The gratitude awareness set the stage for me so that when we played the basic rhythm for Kuku in a 4 part round robin structure  (which is like singing Row Row Row Your Boat but with drumming) it put me/us into a present time hypnotic state.... We played it for what seemed like an hour but was probably only 15 minutes of clock time and when we ended it, it sent me into a laughter that I couldn't control or stop, nor did I want to stop it.  The only explanation is one of Divine Laughter.  The feeling was one of complete Joy, of Love, and of Gratitude for sharing this feeling with these wonderful people.  What a wild ride we are on !