The Tipi

On December 21st, a group of 5 women and 7 men gathered together in a Tipi to create a sacred space of community and LOVE intention.  It just happened to fall on a Thursday which is the day for our regular drum class.  What made this drum class special was the fact that we gathered in a Tipi on the first day of winter with a fire roaring in the middle.  We came with open hearts and open minds to experience a tradition of celebrating the return of the life force we call "light" from the sun.  It was the Winter Solstice.  We did small symbolic rituals of intending Love towards ourselves and towards others and released them by allowing the flames and smoke of the fire to carry them out to share with the universe.  We welcomed the energies of the four directions into our sacred space while we drummed and created hypnotic and playful rhythms.  For a short 2 hours this group of humans let go of the pressures and struggles that we hold on to as our individual stories and experienced a presence which unified us as a group.... as one.  A group experience like this can create an uplifting feeling that can carry us though these early dark days of winter.  The group will always have a connection with the people we shared it with, knowing that the rhythmic beat of the drums can always be felt in our hearts which pumps the life force of our blood throughout our bodies.  Thank you to all who attended and for Sun Raven for allowing us to create in their sacred space.