BEING present with your presence

With so much "weirdness" going on out there in the physical world, some are finding it more and more difficult to be present, right here, right now.  The concern for the future is real.  The concern about what has happened in the past is real.  We are barraged with constant 24 hour a day, 365 days a year "news" cycles that have a tendency to keep us feeling in a state of "concern", or "worry".  With all the smart technology that we love so much keeping us looking at our screens, we are forgetting how to be creative with our thoughts and actions.  So it is difficult to be present, to be really aware of our feelings at this very moment, right now.  It seems to me that people in general are suffering in one way or another, struggling with what is going on in the world, other people's issues, their own personal issues, the weather, who the Yankees have traded away, or whether or not we can truly feel joy and gratitude on a regular basis?  Imagine for just one minute what it would feel like to feel joy and gratitude 25% of the time, or 50% or even most of the time that you are awake.  I believe this is possible, and so at this weeks drum class, before we started drumming, I presented the idea of sending out a healing light vibration not only to people dear to me but to anyone who may need it.  I then said that we were just going to drum what ever the universe energy presented to us, no set rhythm and no "break" to start and end, we would just "feel" it and hopefully it would feel right and good.  After 20 minutes or so the collective drumming just .... stopped.  For 20 minutes a group of us didn't talk, didn't worry about the past or the future, we just found ourselves absorbed in the hypnotic moment that a community drum circle can provide.  We were being fully present with our presence.  I LOVE THAT.