What is your vehicle ?

Today we had drum class at the Katonah Library adjacent to the room where there were 15 or so artisans displaying their creations for a holiday craft fair. Half way through class I remembered I wanted to share with everyone that I view the drum as my vehicle.  A vehicle in which I am able to share my passion and my love of creating community and music easier than if I didn't have the drum as my "vehicle".  I use it as a way to bring people together to do something that makes me feel good, I feel immense Joy and love when people in the group play amazing poly-rhythms together, when we hit that groove that feels good to everyone.  I relate it to any other type of art creation.  A painter has a canvas and paints, a potter has a wheel and clay etc... Those are the vehicles in which they get to express the creative universal energy we call love directly through their creative expressive art.  Everyone has this within themselves, to find their vehicle so they can feel the universal love and express it so they too can SHARE THE LOVE.  What is your vehicle?