Simple yet complex

Last night we played two very simple rhythms.  1/2 the group played : bass-bass-bass----tone, and the other 1/2 played : bass-----bass----bass-----tone-tone-tone.  When these two are combined and you are focused on the simple rhythm that you are playing but yet using your "peripheral listening" to take in sounds and complexities of the polythythms, the effects are huuuuge !  The group has dubbed this combination as "Our Hey Jude" because it feels so good and it can go on and on, and it seems to bring spontaneous smiles throughout.   I love the reactions of such simpleness when brought to the attention of others.  In the same vein, I also brought to the attention of the group that as we progress through the days of our lives, if you can remove the habitual complaining about things, people, and events that it can open up a sense of "spiritual enlightenment that brings with it large amounts of gratitude.  SIMPLE YET COMPLEX.